Hello, Re-Sellers, We at Reetifashions.com invite re-sellers !! We invite re-sellers with large no. Simply click here so that you can read way more more chilli. customers, selling thru whatsapp group or any social media platform – the deal being they will pass the order they have received for our jewellery. The re-selling prices are different from retail prices.  Re-sellers get a different prices, which is definitely lesser than the retail prices. *Conditions for re-selling our products:
  • Re-sellers should have a large group of customers.
  • The order confirmed will be dispatched once the payment is clear.
  • No returns will be accepted.
  • No refunds
  • Shipping charges will be excluded from the re-selling prices.
  • If you trust us we can ship the order directly to your customer – shipping charges applicable.
  • Any re-sellers giving us amount order of at least ₹5000/- at one, gets further discounts or free shipping, which ever is lesser.
  • Any damaged product received will be exchanged but not refunded. 1 way Shipping charges to be beared by re-sellers or customer.
Re-sellers – get in contact to whatsapp no. +91 8591665571 Lets re-sale.